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Spotlight polyester wadding


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Hey Guys

I've been after some filter wool for my filters and was told that i can buy it from spotlight cheaper, just made sure its not treated or have a smell to it.

I've bought some today, it was available in cut to size lengths from the roll or already cut in 122cm x 100cm sheets.

I've checked it and did doesn't have any real smell but wanted to be sure before i put it in the tank.

This is what is says on the plastic cover surrounding the wadding.

Frontline Fibres Ultra Fresh

Polyester wadding, spring action polyester fibres thermally bonded to hold their shape without the use of chemicals and adhesives.

It also says TREATED with ultra fresh for your lasting protection against bacteria, dust mites, fungi, mould, mildew and odour.

So is it safe? i think it is but wanted to be 100% sure.



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I googled "treated with ULTRA FRESH" and got this

Laboratory tests show that foams, fibres and fabrics treated with Ultra-Fresh at the manufacturing stage provide effective control of house dust mites as well as controlling the growth of bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi - important triggers for allergenic and asthmatic responses, particularly in children.

Ultra-Fresh is a proven anti microbial and anti bacterial compound that has passed the most stringent international testing procedures for efficacy and safety.

In fact, Ultra-Fresh has been performance proven in many applications over 40 years.

Products treated with Ultra-Fresh also:

* have lasting hygenic freshness;

* resist deterioration, discolouration and degadation caused by fungi and bacteria;

* have longer life than untreated products;

* provide effective odour protection.

For more information on Ultra Fresh go to their website: http://www.ultra-fresh.com.au/

I was always told not to use anything that has been treated to be anti-fungal or anti-bacterial.

I wouldnt use it, but maybe someone on here has before.


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I have used it without any problems.

However if you want to save money on wool, it is best bought from a hardware shop as 100% polyester wool used for insulation (comes in a huge blue bag) and it will last you for the rest or the century. often you see one piece of this being sold at the NSWC Auctions as filter wool. i am sure they guy gets big bags and then sell separate pieces.


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I currently use this as well. However, now I am aware of the issue, where do other people source their filter wool? Be good to know where to source some stuff without the additives.

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I just asked the shop-assistant ladies for the "fish filter white wadding stuff" and they knew exactly what I was looking for and said that many other people had purchased it too. But I'm not sure I'd use the stuff listed above that has been treated.

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