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B/N Fry


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Hi all,

I need some advice, I have a tank with Bristlenose, Corydoras, Angels and Bolivian Butterflies. The B/N have had fry and they are under a rock with the male B/N. I lifted the rock and there are over 50 fry.

The options I am thinking is to move them to another tank( with or without parents?) or put a seperator in the tank or put all the fry into a net(live bearers net) or should we just leave them.

I'm guessing fry are now about a week old.

thanks guys

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Im guessing the best thing to do is to put them into a floating icecream container type fry holder in the same tank as the parents so you dont have problems with different water types. With enough water flow and boiled zuchini in with them they should do well.

Congrats on the babies.

Cheers, Alan. cool.gif

P.s, tell me if you want to sell any of the little'ns.

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