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wood i.e bamboo how do you stop it from floating. It will stay down by it self right ?

its been cut so i can use them for my peppermint in there new tank is it good ? quit big bamboo ?

thank you all :thumbup:

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Hi Foti,

When I put a large bit of driftwood in my Pep BN tank it kept floating.

I put 2 massive rocks on top, which kept it down. I had to leave them there for about 3 months though as everytime I took out the rocks the driftwood would float to the top. Now it is fine.

If you decide to use the large rock idea just be careful it is balanced okay as you don't want the rock to fall off the bamboo and crack your glass.




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Bambo has natural pockets of air in it. you will need to drill these section out to allow it to sink. I dont know that it will ever absorb enough water unless you do this. ( If its cut into short enough lengths it might not need to be drilled.

driftwood ad Bamboo are too totally different wood. Also make sure the bamboo hasnt been treated with anything before you got it has?

If you are unsure of the origins of it the ditch and get some terracotta caves that are made specifically for the purpose you want.


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