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fish wounds


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Hey all, my msobo have been a pretty relaxed fish with lots of breeding, but out of the blue a number of the fish in my 3m 10f colony had wounds on their heads and side, with a few of these having nipped fins. There are also two peacocks and a kadango in the tank. One of the peacocks has a large wound on the side and the other has bumped their eye.

While I suspect that the dominant male msobo, which doesn't have any marks (or the kadango), have any wounds, I'm wondering how best to treat them. I'm adding melafix, but should I treat with anything else. Some fish have lost some colour and they are not feeding well.

Water changes are weekly, fish fed nls, ph around 7.6.


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this had happened to me i dont know if this helps but i noticed that 1 or 2 of my fish had some scratches i posted and was told to add some more salt.

i did and all turned out well,

it helped with 2 thing i think the scratches were from a pre out brake of white spot

so the salt help prevent an out brake and the healing process have a close look to see if they are scrating more than normal?

but maybe not in your case because of the nipped fins?

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