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New wriggler fry


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Hey guys and gals,

My fish eggs have just hatched into wrigglers and i was wondering when i should siphon (with a turkey baster) the fry into a fry cage so i can grow them (hopefully) up successfully? And i have some Sera Cyclops fry food for them, will this be enough if fed 3 times a day?

Thanks, Alan. cool.gif

P.s, the fry cage is one of the plastic floating ones, will this be sufficient in the same tank as the parents? i.e, water flow and oxygen?

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Hi Alan,

What are they? Where are they now, with the parents? You don't need to feed them until their egg sacks're gone.

Never used SERA cyclops, so can't comment. 3 times a day feed is fine. More for Americans.



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