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altolamprologus calvus


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looking at getting some black calvus.

just wanted to know off someone who has had experience with them and after information about there:

-growth rate. (i know its very slow, but how slow) fry to full grown adults.

-at what age are they sexually mature.

-are they prone to any diseases or deformities.

-aggression between themselves and towards others.

-food recommendations.(planning on using nls n brine shrimp).

thanks guys

also if anyone has some to sell plz pm.

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Hi firthy

seeing as you haven't had an answer I start things of

yep growth is slow it takes about 7-9 months to get them to about 3.5 cm

and the size difference in spawns usually show male (larger) and female

(smaller) which is why you may get all males if the fish are all the same size

growth is all down to water and food (live food increases growth rates and starts

with micro worms, new hatched brine shrimp, live fry especially with egg sack on)

I have found breeding isn't far away when the females are about 4 cm and the

males about 6 cm so around 12 to 18 months of age

Alto's are a very hardy fish so long as the water is good and they have protien in

their diet (live shrimp and small fry are excellent suppliments to a base diet)

the most common problem is when they yawn and hyper extend the mouth membrane

looks weird but doesn't worry the fish some times it retracts but most times it doesn't

and trying to manually rectify it can cause more stess than you want to the fish

another fault to check is the head and jaw for misalignment

aggression will only be about territory or spawning defense so it comes down to

tank size to the number of fish

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thankyou for replying.

yes i have heard of this over extention of the jaw.

is it possibly to fix it?

as live brine shimp is quiet expensive and i have no idea about how to hatch my own.

i was thinking of getting a breeding pair of convicts. and using the fry from them to feed them.

would this have the same effects as brine or other live foods like worm species?

i do 40-50% water changes weekly.

the tank i will be putting them contains 20kg of holey rock and chunks of coral. so kh and gh are usually good.

so water parameters should be fine.

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Hi firthy

the chance of permanent reversal of the membrane extension is very low

the problem usually happens in adults

live brine are fine for juveniles and adults but it is used as a live suppliment

that you can give once a month as a change if the expense is a problem

any of the substrate spawners can be used to produce live food and convicts are

one of the easiest another I liked to use were Jewels

consider a group of Guppies as tank mates ....... young livebearers are snack size

I have also used Malawi fry but only for larger fry and adults

preferred size is before the egg sack is absorbed for maximum nutrients

with worms you start at microworms which can be smelly depending on medium

you keep them in and how often you start up new cultures - grindal & white worms

about pin size but have a high fat content so use in moderation - earth worm

size is an issue as they will try to eat bigger than they are capable of and fry can

choke you can always cut the worms up

the other issue can be bacteria, pathagens and toxins in the compost

remember that you shoud use a varied diet and this should include a staple dry

food like crushed flake or pellets (use a pepper mill to grind up)

for raising fry you should look at raising brine shrimp pretty simple have a

search on youtube

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Will you be using precondition water for water changes ?

even with holey rock and coral you may still need to use a

kH and gH hardness generator

tank size for 2-3 males and 4-6 females at least 120 cm (4ft)

45 cm (18") wide if possible for males @ 7+cm females @ 5+cm

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tank size is a 4x2x2

with my malawi's after draining the water, i turn the filters off, adding conditioner to the existing tank water and throw the hose in it.

might have to do things a bit different with the alto's.

well i feed nls cichlid 1mm and have a few kilos of it.

so they will most definately getting that + live something.

when feeding live food, how offten for juvies would you recommend.

is once a week to often?

what have you found to be the best and cost effective way to buff your water?

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Yep time to invest in 200 lt drum, large airstone, good air pump

some hose and a pump to pump the water into your tank with

gets the water treated ready to go for when ever you need it

unless the water level drops below the filter intake I would leave

the filter running

I'm sure one of the others can advise on bulk buying chemicals

also check Age of Aquarium just hit the sponsors button top

of the page

how many tanks are you running

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