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Electricity v Gas


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I am currently heatring my fish-room (old garage) with an electric heater. Time has come for a full renovation.

Wondering if people find gas cheaper to operate than electricity. What kind of gas heater are people using? Or are solar panels an alternative option?

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I'm very happy with the reverse cycle unit I have on the room,

Gas can be cheaper to run, particularly in extreme cold like here in Canberra but the room is very well insulated so the reverse cycle unit is way under-stressed and the side benefits of reverse cycle are great, like:

- the cooling in summertime is invaluable (mostly for me but also for the fish), and

- for dehumidification when I have those inevitable accidents

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Hi Bill

I use to run a room with a column heater and remote fan

never looked into gas but have been in some rooms in Melb and they

were very tropical don't know about new genration vented gas systems

personally if I was setting up a room the reverse cyle air con would be

my choice as people for get about cooling in summer when it can come

down to ice in tanks and extra fans to hold tanks at 30*C

A bad Feb day wiped out my adult group of G Balzanii :angry:

I have also had a fish room wipe out when the thermostat on the column

heater locked on while I was on holidays so an auxillary thermostat should

also be considered when using this heating system

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