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Just wondering what nurseries in sydney inner west region sell anubias. Im after a small one to put in my 2 foot bristlenose set up

You buy these plants at aquariums or from fellow hobbyists. Some on line aquarium outlets supply also (aquamail)

had to edit the above, for some reason I said nurseries instead of aquarium (shops). Bristlenose was right to pick it up. However, they do from time to time show up in the FS section, slow growing or not.

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mmmm..... try an aquarium shop next to where you live. They have anubias always. Crystal Palace I think is the name. Your locations says Five Dock, so give them a try.

Most ppl on the forum would have issue selling anubias to you as they are slow growing. I can get them to grow 1 leaf per week sometimes 1 per fortnight. Many can't get this many.

Good luck

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