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setting up new tank


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Hi, I am just about to set up my first cichlid tank after much prompting from my teenage daughters who both have tanks of their own. I have purchased an 8ft x 2ft x 2ft tank and am waiting on delivery early in the week. My question is - which would be the best fish to start with? and any suggestions for the setup would be greatly appreciated.


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Congratulations, and what a way to start 8x2x2

IMO I would go some SA Chichlids in a tank that size.

I have a 5x2x2 and have over 50 Mbuna in it to make it look full and if you work that out in dollars at $15 per fish the price gets up there. But saying that it looks awsome.

SA Like Oscars, GT, RED DEVILS, Jags and Dovii ect have real personalities and would thrive in a 8x2x2.

They are also very hardy fish for water paramatters ph ect

The choice is yours and enjoy you new tank

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