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Malawi to Tangs


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It's possible as a grow out tank, but eventually the frontosa will need a bigger tank, and you may strike problems with only 6 tropheus, although small colonies do work for some people.

You biggest problem may be if the trets are a pair. They can go crazy and kill other fish int he tank.

I currently have a pair of trets in with other fish, but as soon as I see any signs of breeding, they are out on their own! Just be cautious.

I'd think about getting rid of the fronts and increasing the size of the colony of tropheus. If you want trets and don't want them to breed, get one.


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different foods required for the tropheus so the tropheus are a no.

other than that the list is ok, and yeh as bruce said the fronty's will need a larger tank later on.

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All great advice from the members. There's a saying when it comes to Tropheus. "Keep one or keep twenty".

A friend of mine had 7 Moori and watched as they gradually imploded. He finished up with the one male. Great fish but ample numbers are vital.

All the best.


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I agree with mcsx...

Another consideration you should look at is the dietary requirements of the tankmates. Tropheus require algae-rich diets and are susceptible to bloat when fed protein-rich diets. All the other suggested tankmates listed are primarily carnivorous and it could be problematic keeping a happy balance when the diets differ like this.

I also find that a colony of Tropheus can be a little hard to handle for slower moving, less gregarious fish such as Calvus and Frontosa.

I would recommend looking at keeping just Tropheus (with the dither fish of your choice) or replacing the Tropheus with Callochromis, Eretmodus, Cyprichromis, Julidochromis, other Neolamprologus, etc. You could also look at Ophthalmotilapia, Cyathopharynx, and many of the other zillion gems the lake has to offer.

Let us know how you go - Tang tanks ROCK!

Best of luck!


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