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My Pregnant Dolphin Cichlid


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hey guys,

i have 4 female dolphin cichlids and 1 male. the other day one of the females got pregnant. ive been watching her n ive seen that the other females are attacking her. i dont want her to lose the eggs. i have a mate with dolphin cichlids aswell n he had the same problem that the females were attacking the preganat one and when he went to catch her she lost the eggs.

what do i do ???

please help urgently

thank you

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ive only bred a few times but the best bet is to get a smaller isolation tank to put her in. if thats out of the budget you can always get some fry saver nets which can attach to the side of your main tank and put her in there till she spits em out. you will in the long run need a grow out tank for your new babies so they dont end up as food so good luck in the mean time though

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try using 2 nets as big as you have (20cm size are good)

have the lids off the tank when you turn the lights out

and leave them for half an hour or so then with some

one else holding a torch go spot lighting

Try not to leave the torch on the fish too long or they will

start moving, then get both nets in and catch her

Less stress and if she spits, the eggs will end up in one of

the nets, suspend the net in the tank with a lid over it and

turn the room light on, give them 5 miniutes to wake up

and move her to the new home :thumb


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