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Gold Sevs spawning


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Hi, I'd appreciate advice on what to do with these guys. Theyve spawned for the 1st time in a 6ft community tank on a flat rock within the last 24hrs and all eggs are bright orange. I'd like to save the eggs if possible. Is it too soon for me to remove the rock? and should I move the parents also?

thanks Lorraine

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Nice Lorraine :thumb

Do you have a small tank big enough to

fit the rock into at an angle with filter and heater

use water from the breeding tank and an

airstone at the bottom of the rock to create

water flow over the eggs

you will need to keep the temp at 26 - 28* C

and use a small mature sponge or box fiter

a few drops of methalene blue was used in the

past ...... eggs should hatch in 3 days and wrigglers

will fall to the tank bottom

then it's all food and water changes and a bigger

tank maybe when they get larger

good luck and enjoy :yes:


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The other way would be to leave the eggs hatch in the community tank

and see how good the Sevrums are are guarding the spawn to where

the eggs hatch and then syphon half the spawn out into a raising tank

same deal with the set up and water and a bit less messy

If the spawn starts to reduce from predation then remove the rock

and go that way

leaving the spawn with the pair for as long as possible will also help the

pair establish a breeding care routine for future spawns

which ever way you go use it as a learning curve to find the best method

for spawn care with your fish when they breed


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