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Please help ID my fish


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Top one is Nimbochromis Venustus

Fourth one is a Crimson Tide Male (Astatotilapia latifasciata)

Fifth one is a Johanni or Maingano (never could tell the difference)

Seventh one looks like Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi

Thats all I can help with

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Awesome selection of fishies.....

1. Nimbochromis Venustus (probably male with the nice blue face)

2. ?

3. Aulonocara Peacock...probably Ngara...not 100%

4. Crimson Tide (Lake Victoria)

5. Melanochromis Maingano

6. Another Aulonocara peacock...not sure exactly.

7. Aulonocara Baenschi or Maleri.

8. Green Terror...Aequidens rivulatus

9. ??

10. Species of Protomelas??....similar to a Red Empress....??? Male and female in picture

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Try to fill in the gaps

1. yes male Nimbochromis Venustus

2. male Copora nigaguense - Parrot cichlid

3. male Aulonacara Walteri I think by the white dorsal margin

4 yes Latifaciatus Crimson Tide male

5. male Melanochromis Johanni

6. male Aulonacara Fort Maguire - orange shoulder

7.male Aulonacara Chipoka

8. yes female Aquidens Rivulatus - Green terror

9. C. Afra ?? only cause the stripes go up into the dorsal

10. male P spilonotus Tanzania + female P Taenialatus (Red Empress form)?

with out researching books an the net that all I got


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My list is pretty similar to Chris's, the Aulonacara Fort Maguire sure does look a lot like Aulonacara Ngara, out of interest sevieri are they all getting along in the same tank?

You have some beautiful fish there, love the Lat Crimson Tide.

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Wouldn't worry too much about co-existences too much, especially if you overstock your tank... although I have seem to find minimal agression to conspecific species with agression between some males; this is one of the species however that I do not have many females for which also plays a role in overall agression.

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