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Angelfish scales peeling/burnt off+fin rot


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Hi again

You may/may not have seen my previous post about my sick angelfish (regarding the hole in the head). I have transferred them into a 2ft tank where I medicated them with Aquarium Science Multi Purpose Medication.

Today I found one of them dead - he had pretty bad fin rot, and i noticed that his "skin"/scales had sort of peeled off - dont know whether the scales were burnt off or it was from a fight.

I also noticed that me female who had just started breeding now also has pretty bad fin rot, as well as this "burn/scar/peel" on its side of its body.

Anyone know what is happening? I definately did not overdose on the medication (put it in to aid with finrot/what ever disease it had), tank is filtered with an internal filter (has beneficial bacteria already from another tank).

What would you recommend?


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Checked the ammonia, it was 3!!!

Really annoyed, thought the filter would have enough bacteria, been in another tank now for a couple of months!!

It was some cheapo internal with a course sponge inside - maybe it wasnt very efficient?

So I decided to put all the remaining angels back into the main tank - conditions were better there.

The fish with really bad fin rot/burn was placed in a net in the main tank - hopefully it will recover, but its fins are literally falling off...

Really lost as to what to do - what should I do??

Please help!

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I would probably euthanase the badly effected angel.

Often the treatments that cure fish can kill off all your bacteria so your filter may have been fine but was effected by the cure itself.

Make sure you have no activated carbon/ charcoal in the tank.

Remove any loaches or unscaled fish from the tank

Lower the water level.

Increase airation.

Add some rock salt2 tablespoons per 20 litre.

Turn up the temp to 28 degrees

I would 1/4 dose the tank that you have put the fish back into.

Then vac and repeat 3 or 4 times.

Keep an eye on your levels.

Slow medication and a controlled environment should work well.

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The added stress from moving the fish through different water conditions would be causing way to much stress on the already sick fish. I agree with what Citypainter says and think the should euthanase the affected fish and not risk affecting the entire tank of fish you have


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