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Giant Gourami


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Cleaned my giant gourami's tank this morning...feeling very pleased with myself at how nice the water looked when all of a sudden the gourami started to regurgitate mass amounts of food which looked like a big green brown cloud with floating pieces of strawberries and at the same time letting go of mass amounts of poo.

I started to worry after it did it for around 15 times in a space of 10 mins but not knowing what the hell to do when all of a sudden this massive elastic band comes up out of its mouth....which I remember using a couple of weeks ago as I had none of the usual smaller ones for attaching veges to rocks for the pleco. Must of been in its stomach for a week at least.

Now my tank looks revolting with the water a murky brown...Unbelievable!

Anyone had this happen before?

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I havn't had that problem. But once I found an elastic band wrapped around a large bristlenose. It had been sitting on eggs for bout a month and when he emerged the elastic band was starting to cut through him.

I pulled it out and snipped it away with nail clippers.

It survived.

I am so carefull not to let rubber/elastic bands near the tank now.

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