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  1. Thanks @Link2Hell, I’m assuming most Malawi or all fish for that matter are kept in whatever water comes from the tap in most LFS’s so guessing if I slowly rid the buffers and salts or used minimally it wouldn’t impact the mbuna if they were maintained in a more neutral water?
  2. Everywhere I read people state Africans notably flash off objects without it being an issue. Over the last month or so fish in my tank skim off the substrate multiple times then off swimming about doing their thing. Don’t see them scratching on rocks and only the substrate. I note if I sat and watch for 10 mins I would see this behaviour in a number of fish which to me seems too much and a possible issue. The fish aren’t gasping and fins aren’t clamped or looking stressed in any way. I constantly have females producing mouthfuls of fry and apart from the flashing everyone looks
  3. Sorry for dragging this thread on! So decided to start pulling down the hard scape in the tank to remove the holding female cobue. First of the fake aqua one rocks I pulled out absolutely smelt disgusting and rang some alarm bells. Smelt like rotten eggs..hydrogen sulphide I was told by Andrew at Labyrinth which I believe is normally found in deep dormant substrates. Some of these fake rocks had been in the tank before I jumped into a mbuna tank so with the water inside to keep them from floating must have turned bad. Ive decided to pull out the remaining fake rocks while
  4. Thanks Skippy, Chris, Will need to put some thought on this, dreading pulling the rock structures out...nature may have to take its course
  5. So looks like white lip on the cobue has disappeared and hazard a guess it could be from digging or fighting. This cobue has dug out this huge tunnel system under the rocks. Next challenge is it looks like I have two male cobue and only 1 female who is holding and gets harrassed a fair bit. I assume the best thing to do is allow her to spit in the tank first time around rather than strip?
  6. Not sure why the vid doesnt show. Works when i click on it but could be as its on my device. Heres a screenshot from the vid
  7. Should I be concerned with the white on the upper lip of this male cobue? He has been pretty boisterous with some others in the tank so hoping just from some lip wrestling. Hoping not columnaris? Tank water setup tested now shows: ph 8.2 Ammonia 0.25ppm nitrite 0.00 nitrate 5ppm (barely) kh & gh 200ppm funnily checked the tap and showed a reading of 0.50ppm for ammonia? Any thoughts? FullSizeRender.mov
  8. Trying to get a pic of the male cobue. pic doesn’t give his colour justice. Just under 5cm total length and struts about like a boss
  9. Hi Matt, Yep water is all good. It was an established tank already as I ended up giving a 3rd tank a miss and rehoming some other tropicals which was a shame as you always want more but had to keep the wife happy. cheers
  10. Just added a trio of Labidochromis joanjohnsonae which brings the total number of mbuna in the tank to 12. Would you think I’m maxed out or still room for possibly more of the current 4 species? Tank seems empty now and nitrate barely makes a nudge on the scale as they are quite small but understand their aggression can ramp up as they mature.. what are your thoughts?
  11. thanks brucem, so far so good. Really enjoying this tank. Im slowing introducing buffer amd salts to bring up the ph and hardness as the crushed coral substrate seem to be having not much influence in this. Kh was low when checked correctly from the tank and tap so will condition water in a drum for water changes. I also added more rock so will take some more pics soon and post.
  12. Was searching through the forum looking for info as to what happened to the old http://www.sydneycichlid.com/ which looks like a fish site but in a different language? Anyone know what happened there? Trying to brush up on my knowledge or lack of and funny the old sites you come across and sadly a lot of the domains have been let go. Gone are Cichlid room companion, the Cichlid recipe, Cichlid exchange. Was glad to see The Krib still there. Like said earlier in this threads the Facebook groups are a quick flick through without much real discussion worth reading and more for people to show pic
  13. Hi All, I note on the Itunes app store a number of different apps available for keeping a log of your tank. Anyone currently using one and find any particularly useful? I use notes in my phone to record things like dates for canister cleans, water parameters at times and when fish were bought. An app sounds like it could be more helpful.
  14. Hey Matt, Rocks actually are Aqua one fake basalt rocks, pretty expensive but got them at a shop out kellyville when on sale 50% off. Full price the cost is pretty outrageous.
  15. Ended up changing plans and moved my nics into my 90g tank which was setup as a mixed tank and moved on some of the tanks inhabitants to free up the existing 75g for the mbuna. Keeps the wife happy with just the two tanks I dumped a 10kg bag of coral sand in with the pool filter stuff and removed the wood. Water from the tap here seems quite alkaline and ph in the tank 7.8. Picked up from Andrew at Labyrinth some young trio’s of Labidochromis caeruleus, Cynotilapia Afra cobue and some Iodotropheus sprengerae. Here are some pics, hard to get some clear shots with a phone cam
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