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Hole in the Head?


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My angels are suddenly getting what i believe to be "hole in the head" disease - a couple of days ago they started to lose their "gloss" and started to look a bit greyish, looking like fungi or something like that all over their body. Today I noticed on one of them that there are "ring" looking things on its head, and another is started to show this as well. One isnt eating, another has red around its gills/fins. Is this hole in the head?

I really have no idea what caused it - regular water changes, no new fish added, fish been gonig strong for almost 6months. The only new thing that was introduced was some plant fertilisers i was dosing every day for the past 2weeks - Seachem Flourish Excel and Dino Pee (mix of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, molybedneum, manganese, boron, zinc, copper). I have been dosing these at a lower than recommended dose, too. For example in my 320L tank, excel says 5ml per 200L, i put only 5ml per day, pee says 1 drop per 20l, i put 13.

Any idea what may have caused it?

More importantly, how do I go about curing it? Is it fatal? Is it contagious?

Thanks, look forward to hearing your advice!

ps. forgot to mention they started breeding 2weeks ago, so to lose them would be a massive shame!

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Fish live - fish can die. Fish can be healthy - fish can be sick. Sometimes things go wrong, which may or may not be something you did or didn't do. You don't give anywhere enough details to tell.

I would say your fish have not got HITH as, as the name implies there needs to be a "hole in the head".

Sounds liy you have some sort of bacterial infection so dose for that. Water Life Research products are best.


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