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constructive grade adhesive


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Hi Jason.

You cannot go past

Ultraset SF 15lt

It is used to glue down hardwood floors.

Its tough as nails. Even tougher actually

Its about $180.00 a 20litre drum or dearer if you buy it in smaller quantities.

I got it from a factory in Auburn near the McDonalds

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Ultraset is very good. Liquid nails is NOT. Titebond III is also very good for a one part glue. Araldite 24hr is good also, although I have found it can be touchy with some greasy species of aussie hardwoods. There are some excellent polyurethane one part glues around these days also. Pretty much completely waterproof. Tis hard to go past the old urea formaldehyde glue for laminating. Its still widely used for this purpose.

There are a multitude of options. Unless you want total waterproofness, titebond III is great. t cleans up with water, wont discolor timber, and gets to decent strength pretty quickly. Polyurethanes are even better, but have the disadvantage of not cleaning with water. These two are the best of the one part glues ime.

I have seen liquid nails fail too frequently over time to say it is a good glue. Utraset or seal-n-flex (i think the same thing) or sikaflex are the pick for just general construction purposes. The other glues I mentioned are more for woodworking or laminating.


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