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gold comp ratio


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hey all,

i purchased 4 gold comps on tthe weekend,they are 3 to 4 cm long,2 larger ones and two smaller ones.

the problem ive got is, one of the larger ones does not like the larger fish, obviously the other is more dominant.

i have removed the fish that is getting bullied into a hospital tank.it seems ok but quite dark in colour.

i would like too eventually put it back with the others,should i grab another couple of fish to balance out the ratio of maybe males and females????

they are in a 3 ft tank,with a bit of structure,but not alot of hidy holes,should i add more structure and more fish to get an even balance.

what are your thoughts

cheers boydie :raisehand:

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I've bread plenty of them,you are probably better off creating two or more hiding places,rocks,shells or whatever,so they can have their own territories.Just make sure they are as far as possible to eachother.

No matter what you do,they always seem to fight amongst themselves,they won't kill eachother though.

You can buy more, but i doubt if you solve your problem.Hope this helps.Also make sure they are housed in at least a 3 footer.

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I think that you may need more structure - rocks , shells , pots or pipes

but you don't say what you do have in the tank and leave the fish to

sort a social structure

The other thing would be to add a few more comps of a similar size

if there was 2 larger and 2 smaller it should be 2 pair but still a bit small

yet to produce anything


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