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Ammonia test kit


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Hi all,

Just recently bought an API brand Ammonia test kit, it comes with 2 solution bottle, you add 8 drops from the 1st bottle, and then another 8 drops from the 2nd bottle, then you compare the colour against the colour chart. Not sure if any of you out there have used the same test kit but beat me i just couldn't tell the colour from my test tube with the chart given...it's not really a yellow for 0, it's somewhere between 0.25 and 0.50 reading....but it does look like 0 ppm !!!????? or...i'm colour blind?????!!!!!! :confused::shock:

or there may be another better test kit out there??

thanks guys...

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1) Hold the colour chart sideways.

2) Place your vial/test tube in front of the card.

3) Look through the vial onto the card. - Where it is over a white section of card, you will see the vial colour clearly. If it is over any coloured section, you will see a 2 tone difference in vial colour where the coloured area and white area of card meet.

4) Hold the vial vertically and slide the vial along the colour chart range until you cant distinguish any border difference between the vial colour over the coloured section AND the white section. ie there is no 2 tone difference in vial anymore.

example say you have 1.0 ppm of NH4 in your vial water sample. (distinct light green shade).

Held over the 0.0ppm colour section (yellow), the bottom section of the vial will show as distinct light green (cos the bottom of vial is over the white card section) but the top part of the vial will be a mix of light green and yellow (0ppm chart colour) so now your vial has 2 distinct colour zones. However, when you move the vial over to the 1.0ppm chart you will not be able to distinguish any colour change between where the vial is over the colour chart and where the vial is over the white section of card.

Post up or email me a photo of your card chart if you still dont follow and I will manipulate an image in photoshop to make it clearer.

The API test kits are quite accurate and easy to read IMO.

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