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WC Tropheus Lufubus


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Hi Guys,

Had a chance to get some more pics of my Lufubu's, been a while since I last took some pics.

You sure made up for it. :lol3:

Nice fish, tank and photos. :thumbup:

Thanks fro posting them.



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WOW thats all i can say love the tropheus

wat size tank and filtration are u using??

love the rocks wat sort are they??

Main Tank is a 4x2x2 which is part of a setup

I have 2 x 3x18x18s and a 2x2x2 (i use this tank for water changes - and is usually cut off from filtration)

Filtration consists of a 3x18x2 sump with a 3500lph eheim pump. + FX5 + XP4 :)

Rocks are some New Zealand alpine rocks, with algae sort of growing on them for the T's to graze on.

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