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ok, now that i have sold my tanks i am looking at getting some more, but i want to have a setup that is *blonde* proof. (me that is). and not huge tanks etc....

so i am thinking of getting mabe 3 two foot tanks and 2 three foot tanks.

what would be the easiest way to have thes on a stand and to filter them!

IDEAS would be good, and pics would be better, I want a setup that looks good and does the job!

ohh and im thinking of keeping bristlenose, labidochromis hongie is., lionhead, kribs, occies and dont know what else!


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Depends on how much you want to spend, if you want the cheapest option do what they do in alot of fish shops, make a filter in the side of the tank with Dakron "filter wool", beneath that have scoria etc.. or can make ice cream container filters, or have all them all hooked up to some sumps and filter them that way, with pipes coming off the main sumps into your tanks... for a stand if you know how to use an arc or mig welder diy, with some square tube steel, and brace it well.. if not you could get someone to make one... or make one out of pine, just not as strong though... hth


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My idea

1 stand, 3 tiers.3 two foots on bottom with the skinny side facing out then the 1x3foot on each tier above. One air pump running sponge filters(they are so easy to make yourself)


Josh and Evelyn

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