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Alouncora Red Shoulder Colony


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I have a Red Shoulder Peacock Colony in a 4ft tank. It comsists of 1 male about 7 cm and 4 females of varying sizes. The prob is that the large female (about 8cm) is showing alot of agession towards my male mad.gif. Is this a problem? Would it be better to seperate the big female from the male for a while?

Thanks in advance


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Guest Gutty

I have similar problem with my Chiwindi.....the male is a big wuss.

If you have somewhere to put her it couldn't hurt to try removing her. Worst comes to worst, nothing happens and you put her back in.



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Guest Buzbox


A red shoulder female can grow bigger than 8cm as I have one that is nearly 13cm. I generally find that I cant leave my females with the male all the time as they breed too much. I also find that having plenty of rocks and things to hide in reduces the amount of fighting. My male will pick a hidy hole and he is the only one to use it. The females then find their hidy holes based on the most dominant female getting the second best spot and then down the line. If your big female starts to damage the male or other females certainly move it out of the tank but otherwise I would leave it there and they will work out a pecking order. As the male get larger, he will grow faster then the females, he will start to dominate the tank and the big female will be less dominant. Hope this helps.

Cheers Mike

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