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  1. Maybe, It wasn't that big about 8cm. All the other females are fine so i might go and buy another male or two on the weekend. Thanks for your help If anyone knows your help yould be appreciated. Dean
  2. hey Guys, Noticed today that my Male Breeding A. chilumba has died. It was in a 4ft tank with about 10 females. It was not showing any signs of funny behaivour and there is not another male in the tank. Tested P.h which was about 8.3. Amonia and nitrite was 0ppm. There is no signs of it being attacked (fins are fine) and no other markings or signs of fungus.. The other fish are looking fine. Does anyone know how it died?? Could it be a heart attack from having 10 females around?? Thanks
  3. As the title states what does "IMO" mean? There is also another abbreviation i cant really remember.. starts with H. Thanks Dean
  4. Is this what you are talking about? Funny Picture of Johnny Dean
  5. Duck, I had used the aluminium to replace the broken things that hold the breeding net to the tank. Technically it was not in the water as it was just used to hold it up. The subtitle of the post is "Dumb Question" as i thought it would be fine to use. (turns out i was wrong). But i suppose the condensation formed on it then dripped into the tank. The reasoning behind it is if stainless steel can be used (a reletively heavy metal) then why not aluminium. Yes, I agree I am on a learning curve, but to the best of my knowledge it would be ok. Sorry guys for the state of depression i am in. i
  6. Another drama for my tanks . After recently haveing white spot and loosing some of my newly aquired colony, now its alminium. Bout 30 fry are dead and another 30 are dying. I think this might be the end of my cichlid keeping. Got 3 colonys first time i got fry they got eaten. now they havent bread for about 4 months. Got another colony that isn't breeding FULLSTOP. Had them for about 2 months. And now when my fish do finally breed they get whitespot and then the fry die from alminium posioning. I just cant win. I have loads of pressure on me fr them to finally breed....... With my recent bou
  7. Grace, I THINK the bottom pic is of a Cynotilapia afra "Cobwe", i could be wrong.
  8. Hey lepperfish, A friend of mine used it once but it wasent sealed around the sides so some of his fish squeezed in and got stuck. I think his was alittle too small or it was because his glass had curved sides. Should be ok if you dont seal. Can anyone confirm this? Cheers Dean
  9. They use aluminium strips for some tanks dont they? i know stainless steel is ok because it is used for heaters and plant anchors. Dean.
  10. Just like to confirm that Aluminium stripping can be placed inside a tank. Dean
  11. Man i'd love to keep those fish. If only i had the room. Dean
  12. Pretty darn good for a first attempt. Cheers Dean
  13. Excelent pics, especially like the first one. Dean
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