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All male display tank


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I've slowly been aquiring various cichlids for my 6x2x2 display tank over the past 3 months or so. Anyway im just wondering with only males in the tank (ie - no females) will this affect their overall development of colouration? And also for example if having two male electric blues will one begin to dominate and therefore the other one wont colour up? Finally here are the specs of the tank, i'll try and post pics soon, feel free to recommend what you think would be a good addition to the tank.

all around the 4-8cm mark

- 4 electric yellows

- 2 electric blues

- 1 red kangado

- 2 frontosa

- 3 lionheads

- 1 hansbaeshci red shoulder

- few bn

- getting a few black calvus soon

Thanks everyone

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Very interested to see replies to this thread, as i have the exact same tank and was thinking the exact same thing as you with the cichlids.

BTW what filter are you using?

Future posters what do you think of the trickle filter in the DIY section for a tank of this size?

Sorry to hijack blush.gif

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Guest Gutty

I keep an almost all male peacock/hap tank.(6x18)

Your fish will still colour up but it may take em a bit longer and they may not colour up quite as bright(no breeding dress).

You can check some of my fish here. For some reason though some of my pics have come up very red......please don't laugh at me..... laugh.gifwink.gif



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Further to my earlier post, i did a small experiment. I have a juvenile maleri gold colony not yet breeding. They were in a 4x18x18 tank by themselves. Had one fish start to colour up at 6cm. I added in a large 9cm+ otter point peacock which was yet to colour up and the young juvenile went back to the brown colour. I recently removed the otter point which has still not coloured fully and the maleri gold has started showing colour again.

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Thanks for the replies,

GreekStylez im running a 32x18x18 sump and a ac500 on the 6x2x2.

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