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Some exp EY


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Play nice LUKE!!! biggrin.gif It does sound pricey but that's what they sell them for at aquariums. Now what happens if they are absolutely stunning quality? Would you buy them? I know that I would certainly consider if a fish was stunning quality and wanted to add a new bloodline. That is what Luke and I have done with our elec yellow colony. We have three different bloodlines!

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But the whole point of buying through forums is so you get them cheaper than aquariums Arj.

If all prices were the same then we would buy them at aquariums (also quality)

When selling privately people usually pay 1/3 of what they pay at aquariums...

I wouldnt buy them no matter how good of quality they were.. I would shop around because i know for a fact there will be some maybe not better quality but i that they will for sure be cheaper.

my 2 cents worth laugh.gif


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