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considering sa 3ft tank :P


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i currently have a planted 3ft standard tank with kribensis in it. im kinda over them atm so i was thinking either to turn the tank into a grow out for my africans or getting a few random americans.

If i got he americans what wont eat plants but be small enough to fit the tank. also the only equipment i have is a fluval 205 and a heater so i dont want to have to get anything else :p

also do i have to do anything with the water. i use the epsom salt and bicarb for my africans, would i need to do similar for americans?

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A pair of firemouths in a 3ft would be fine.

I'm not sure of the flow rate of that filter but if it's only turning over your tank volume a couple times per hour you will want to keep on top of maintenance and keep waste load to a minimum so i would just stick to the one pair. Maybe you could get a cheap internal or small HOB as a secondary filter?

You should not need to add any salts or buffers, assuming your water is of average pH & hardness and you're not using rainwater as i have to!

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yeah i only wanted 1 pair. from what i have read they need a larger tank so a 3ft prob isnt big enough for more than 2. as for the filter, well im always on ebay looking for one :p

and cool about the no buffer. makes water changes a few minutes faster. Now all i have to do is find a pair for sale.

also do they eat plants? and will i need alot of driftwood?

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