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Electric Blue Jack Dempsey


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I think they were here in greater numbers a few years ago but from what I know they were very prone to disease and the majority died off because of it.

I don't know that they are a true breed.


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Hi All,

Theres a bunch of stuff around about them, just have to do some searching.

Last I heard, they were a strain of Jack Dempsey, natural to the wild, just rare,

but like Longfin Bristlies. Have been line breed to purposefully produce.

apparently when breed, they produce the common variety, but those babies, are the ones that can produce Blues, when breed with another that is a blue strain.

Sounds like a long process, would take a few years to get a good pair happening in that way, if thats true of course, would love to have some and find out.

If thats the case, then people who got them a few years ago would be producing commons now, and growing them to breed with the adults,

hopefully thats the case and we see them for sale soon.,..

"I'll take some".



there was one up here in a shop for sale just recently for $300 i beleive there is only a few in australia and they are a morph of the original JD and only the males carry the gene to be a electric blue JD

so ive heard anyway

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electric blue jack dempsey

to get a electric blue jack Dempsey you

have to cross a blue gene split with a

electric blue male

(if you get a ebjd female the gene split with beat her up n kill her

she wont b strong enough to survive if he beats up on her)

or two gene split jack dempsey's

to get electric blue jd's

(25% or more electric bjd in a batch)

but you cant breed to ebjd's

because there fry arnt strong enough to survive

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ummm.... short answer is u dont. it is basically line breed as a mutation. best way is to cross an electric blue JD male with a JD female that is normal coloured but carries the blue gene..... not with electric blue african... :thumb

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