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Alguae eaters for my tank


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Hi there, i have the following fishes in my 6 footer and I am wondering what sort of alguae eater I could introduce in order to control green alguae.

-Aulonocara Maleri (1m 3f)

-Juliochromis dickfeldi (1m 1f)

-Synodontis multipunctatus (2)

-Cyprichromis Leptosoma (1m 3f)

-Cynotilapia Afra (1m 4f)



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I have a 5x2x2 and for algae control i have 2 pairs of normal bristle nose and a pair of algae eaters all about the 5-6cm mark. The tank has windows on both sides of it and to the front (its in a 'sun' room) and they do a great job. I only get algae growing down off my lids.

I hope that is helpful to you.


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