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Cairns shops


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I've just been in sunny Cairns, Heaps of rain at night!!! nice days.

Went to have a look at a LPS or 2 and spotted

the best coloured Hap venustus i've seen, stunning blue and yellow and only 13cm.

I asked the young lady if they would hold it untill Sunday morn.

Asked if they wanted me to pay for it,No we will hold till sat.

$35 was a bit high but!!!!

Returned the next day and the fish had $38 on the tank.

I said we needed to pickup no later than 10am to get to the airport on time.

Returned to pick up at opening time and the owner asks is that all i want.

There was 4 nice Cubens so me being me said I'll take the 2 I hoped was a pair.

$59.95 ea I was told.

You got to be kidding I said and the venustus is $120.

I said I spoke to the lady the other day and it was $35 now you have $38 on them.

Yes he replied thats for the ones up here ,,, in another tank about 6/8cm and dull as anything.

I wonder how many of those fish that Guy has sold by people looking at that lovely coloured male.

I left empty handed from that bloody shop with steam coming out my ears!!!!

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yup i know how ya feel dobbin i dont buy much / if anything from the LFSs anymore cause the prices of alot of things are through the roof.

nem , make sure ya look around at all the shops before ya buy anything prices vary alot from shop to shop

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Cant remember the name

But both shops i went to are on the way out of Cairns going toward Innisfail, the other was a large pet shop on the same side of the road going towards the Golf Club, 2nd shop was fine. First shop that is on the corner was the one I'm talking about.It is an Aquarium only shop. Opens at 10am & 10.30am

We were staying at Wyndham about 3km past there, over the railway line on the other side of the Golf club.

If i remember right it was not far after Roy Jones Drive ??

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hi mate, went to the shop you mentioned today and would have to say i saw some of the most ridiculously priced cichlids ever seen :shock: eg. 5cm elongatus mpanga - $69, 12cm duboisi - $130, 15cm dolphin - $120 just to name a few. cant imagine what tanks were worth :blink he did have a nice plant setup with some whiptails and glass fish if that counts for anything :roll

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