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Leaking Filter


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Hi guys just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with an Aqua Nova NCF-1000 leaking through the power cable outlet. Just recently when looking under one of my tanks i noticed a pool of water and through further inspection i found it was coming through the filter so i removed it not long after replaced it with another and sort about finding the leak. I found one of the clips wasnt on properly so instantly assumed it was the problem without too much more of a look so i set the Aqua Nova up on a new tank where i could monitor it and after restarting it dry (brain explosion) the impeller cover blew off somehow, anyway restarted it finally after spilling a few litres of water on the floor from other mishaps but got it up and running left it running for 30mins came back and there was water all around the filter from it leaking, After inspecting all of the clamps again assuming that was the issue i found all were secure when i noticed there was water pouring out of the power cable hole in the head of the filter completely bemused i unplugged and pulled off the top only to find a whole lot of water in the head which basically just leaked out into a bucket.

Reattached the head after placing on a towel and kept an eye on it, leaking stopped coming from the power cable hole. Anyway, This was sunday night after further checking on monday no leaking. Checked again this afternoon still floor dry, towel dry no patches of drying up water anywhere. So I pulled out the towel placed the filter back on the ground while it was still running, slid it back under the tank then left it be. Came back about an 1hr later to find that water is pouring out the same hole again. This is not a small leak it literally pours out. I pulled the head of the filter off again to find again its full of water so i empty it again place it back on the floor come back again later and no leaking again.

Has anyone else had anything like this before? Any ideas for what might be causing this flooding in the head of the filter? or is there supposed to be water in there and it just happens that its leaking out a hole it shouldnt be?

I'm thinking what it could be is moving the filter around while its still running may have caused water to sneak somewhere it shouldnt be? Really i don't want to have to turn the filter off As it is a decent filter when its not leaking so i'd be disappointed if it did have to be tossed.

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Here is 1 of my filters that I fixed a little while ago.

I pulled it apart & filled up around the O-rings with some silicone. Parts are IMO ridiculous for all products!

IPB Image

I bought 2 at a cheap price, although have had them for a couple yrs now, they do an awesome job I tell you



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