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  1. MVP


    I used to run an eheim 2260 on 2 x 6ft x 20in x 20in and the top of that stand was over 2m. flow rate will decrease on height but i found it was negligible for the 2260.
  2. Did these spots appear over time or were they always on the fish? I see the same spots on discus commonly but theyre on them from the start. They don't seem to grow in or out of the spots its just the unique colouring of that fish. Sorry its not really an answer more an experience ive had with something that looks similar.
  3. Unfortunately, ive tried that and it didnt work. I did notice that when i opened more of the valves there was a happy middle but still has a rattle. I also removed the valve to run it without any resistance but the rattle was still there so its obviously just how it sounds. It doesnt help that theres no door on the room..
  4. I've just bought an LP40 to replace my LP100 due to noise issues as my fishroom is in the house. Unfortunately it appears the sound of the LP40 just isnt quiet enough as the hum runs through the whole of downstairs. Is there anything i can do to hide that noise? Insulated box of some sort? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  5. If you want to try something a little more interesting then BN you could try Multis they are quite the personality as they will shift sand all over the place they are a bit sensitive and I find they need to be aclimatised well before adding to a new tank. They step breed so you may end up with a few fry over time that may take some time to move but most people on here tend to move them at a decent rate.
  6. MVP

    Dual Tank Setup

    On using a canister filter on the bottom tank you will need to check the specs on the filter your looking to use to double check how far below the water line the filter needs to be. I had this issue recently and found that i couldnt sit a filter on a stand thats the same height as the base of the tank. You'll probably find it will need to sit on the ground instead of in your stand. On the two air pumps using two seperate powerboards wont make much difference i would say its more likely a circuit will go before a power board so running two pumps on two seperate powerboards is kinda redundant j
  7. just found a bunch of photos that Moliroman posted back when he had them. http://tropheusfanatics.invisionzone.com/i...ic=2534&hl=
  8. havent really tried to take any but i'll see what i can do.
  9. The previous owner of this colony was also of the opinion they were greatly aggressive but did say as long as there was only 1 male and plenty of females it tended to work for him. Basically I've followed that advice from the start and that could be part of the reason why they are ok in a group of 5. I did purchase them as a larger colony but i sold off half the colony and kept just a male and 4 females. You might be right that trewavasae could be more aggressive but it could come down to conditions as well that people have previously kept them in. I don't think people have been as exposed to
  10. Personally I disagree. I currently have 5 petrochromis fasciolatus in a 4.5ft x 20in x 20in 1 male 4 females and they are happy. There is no decor just gravel on the bottom but they are breeding constantly and no one is getting severely bashed. Lovely fish, good personality one of my more enjoyed species
  11. MVP


    Its designed for use in your filter. works a treat and far superior to activated carbon in clearing up water but on top of all this it also helps with ammonia, nitrite and even nitrate.
  12. if these are the only 2 options then id say the eheim but if you want the sort of water movement and media volume then id be looking for an FX5 but this will cost you approx $400.
  13. only way to stop this is having no substrate... They're making a home. or to save your decorations make sure their on the bottom of the tank and that way the multis can't affect your ornaments.
  14. Post up a pic of it as someone might recognise it but know it as something else Names get mixed up a bit...
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