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Hi all,

Until a few months ago, if I was asked what a cichlid was, I would have guessed some type of bird! I started out buying a birthday present for my girlfriend. I was going to buy more goldfish for her since she had lost a couple after moving in with me. Luckily I caught a glimpse of the cichlid tank at a local aquarium. 2 tanks later, we now have about 12 juvenile cichlids and all are doing well.

Without mentioning the name of the Aquarium we bought the tank and fish from, we feel we were given a bit of bad mail. We both knew absolutely nothing about tropical fish, but we were told if we took a bag of their water with us, we would be able to have a few fish straight away. We started off with 4 colourful fish we liked the look of out of their tank (venustus, lithobate, saulosi and maingano). We got home and set up the tank (a 34L Aqua One tank which they told us we would be able to have about 16 fish in). We watched the DVD and learned a bit about the whole process. That was the first we knew about cycling the tank.

3 days later our ammonia surged and we lost the lithobate. We updated to a 130L then a 285L tank within the next couple of weeks and now the fish have a lot more room and all seem to be getting along well. We ended up getting some electric yellows, more venustus and maingano's to go with the ones we already had.

I had no idea how addictive the hobby could be. I find myself doing hours of research trawling forums for info and photo's. I don't know who is more into the fish, me or my girlfriend!!

Anyway, you will probably be getting a few questions from me, so please forgive my lack of knowledge, I am still a cichlid newbie.



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Welcome aboard mate, hope you have some fun and learn heaps :). I can definitely say that I have learnt heaps and heaps from the punters around here, and as others have said don't worry about asking questions.


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We updated to a 130L then a 285L tank within the next couple of weeks

Unfortunatly it looks like MTS(Multiple Tank Syndrome) has set in... :roll

This is never cureable but can be mildly treated with a good dose of AMT(Addition of More Tanks) :dntknw:

Sounds like you off to a good start though.. live and learn...

Hello, Welcome, Good luck and godspeed :thumbup::lol2:


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hey man.. welcome to the forums

your list of fish is similar to mine (well gonna be.. minus the venustus)

hahaha and yes im also gathering pics of fish and reading as much as i can in my free time about cichlids etc.. haha good to see im not the only one.

see ya around

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Soon you will mature and get an all American tank


:raisehand: Welcome abord mate. It seems you have been pritty busy going by your amount of posts in such a short time :clap

Stick with africans and do some research on Tanganyikans. You wont be disapointed in the diversity of cichlid. They are IMO a little more challaging than most Malawis and Americans. I have done the American thing and don't for one second regret the change. :p

Ive been part of the forum since the bigining of the year and have learnt more in that time than in 6 years of keeping fish :)


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