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personally I would not say anibus is fast growing.

Wide Valisneria sp. can be tall and fast to grow.

Also the taller Echinodorus sp. can be quite easy to grow and will grow tall.

Both these plants work best with some fertliser balls around the roots.

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"wister sprite" 


I think he means Wisteria, which is Hygrophila difformis. Very Common, and yes very easy and grows very big. Amazon Swords i always found pretty low maintenance, and are true tank busters, just require moderate lighting and good root feeding to do well.

How big of a tank we talking here??? Cause a lot of fast easy growing plants will ofcourse grow fast, but only at their tips, they often cant get light to their bottoms and become straggly and unsightly.... Ambulia is one of these, yes very easy to grow, but if u have low light, bottoms of the plants soon shed all leaves and u have nothing but stems.

Java fern is another very low light plant u could consider.

Maybe take a look around Tropica, they have pretty much anything u could ever want aquarium plant wise. Alot aren't available in Australia, But i think Aquaria has the best range of what is in Australia, so just cross reference and hopefully u can find a good assortment.

GL with the Planted thumbup.gif

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