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? Fry Found in Display Tank ?


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Hey Guys !!

Just thought i would share a story with you...

Today i was just gazing at my 4ft display tank, just checking out what was going on, as you do.

I noticed that down the back corner of the tank under some driftwood, i had 10 or so fry of only maybe .5-1cm in length. They were definitely only newies.

Here is the weird part... No 2 fish in that tank are the same. they are all different species as it is for display only.

The only fish that was breeding was a male greshakei, but has not produce fry in over 4 months. (his mrs died with a mouthful after only 6 days) cryblow.gif

However, this was in a different tank. i moved him after the female died.

My mate suggested to me that i bought a fish with a mouthful already and she spat them in the my tank. but here is another twist, i haven't bought a new fish for approx 6 months.

Can any body shed some light on what might have happened...

I am stoked but deadset puzzled as to what has happened here....

Do i have a Virgin Mary in my tank ???? Hahahaha thumbup.gifthumb.gifLOL.gif

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