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When the weather is crap!


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Hi all,

I 've done all the inside chores so now you start looking for other things to occupy the mind. I know, I'll count up the fish in my 6x2x2 display tank, yeah that will take up at least 15 minutes!

Now, keeping in mind that the tank was setup two years ago with juvies and it has answered the fact that I'm changing the filter wool every four to five days now.

ps. All fish are happy and healthy, as I'm very fussy about clean water etc.

This is the count I came up with, all adults.

3x Red Top Black Bar males

1 x E Yellow male

1 x Blue Dolphin male

5 x Clown Loaches sex unknown, but big.

15 x BN's mixture as I constantly have kittens in the tank.

2 x Aulonocara Chiwindi males

3 x Kadango Red Fin males, big.

5 x ditto females.

3 x Cobalt Blue males

1 x ditto female

1 x Crimson Tide male

1 x Dimi Comp male

5 x ditto females

1 x Venustus male

1 x Polystigma male

1 x Livingstoni male

1 x Aulonocara Brevindus male

1 x marble peacock male, (for display purposes only) to satisfy the purists

1 x Lithobate male

1 x Tiawan reef male

1 x Rostratus male, big.

1 x Eruptus, sorry if spelling is incorrect.

I know some people are going to freak out but believe me they are all happy healthy fish, but I think I may have a thinning out sale soon.

Just to prove there well looked after:

user posted image



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Hey thats a nice dimi there!!

Hi Toufic,

No that's not the one I got from you, SHE is in there though LOL.gif She is actually bigger than him by about 3cm's.


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