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hide and seek


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Great pics Budi. (as usual)

It looks like something out of a Disney movie. :lol2:

yeah, like a disneyfied horror movie alien! laugh.gif


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That little guy is unbelievable thumb.gifwoot.gif . Only trouble is, I can't work out where his different bits are blink.gif . I think I need to get someone to label this pic for me blush.gif .

Absolutely gorgeous colour, awesome pics as always.


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Are they as mean as their other mantis shrimp cousins?

i guess all mantis shrimps are like that

wow! like Parrdog, I cant tell what im looking at!

you are looking at pics of a 3.5cm mantis shrimp laugh.gif

just added 2 more pics. hopefully now you know what you are looking at smile.gif

i'll post more pics soon.

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Magic photos of a beautiful animal Budi! I love logging on and seeing a new 'enigma' post.

Stomatopods have always been one of my favourite 'bugs'. (that and Hippa crabs). smile.gif

Here is a page with some basic Stomatopod anatomy for those who want to have a look.


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