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The Hoplo Tree

Dark Morelia

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Hi All,

I noticed all five of my Hoplo's in their sword while in bed the other morning, but I wasnt sure how to get a pic of them, since my camera was in another room, and if they see me standing in the room, they go nuts thinking food is coming....

So i managed to slide under the blankets and out the end of my bed, crawled behind the lounge chair, and out through the door, got my camera, and crawled back in behind the lounge chair for cover, while only exposing the camera and tilting the LCD down to take the shots... Hence it's not the best quality.

I thought animals in captivity were supposed to be easier to take pics of than wild ones ? blink.gif

user posted image


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I really wub.gif Hoplos. They are so ugly they are beautiful shock.gif

They have a habit of doing these types of acrobatics.

Great Pic - Love it!

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Top pic of the hoplos Andy, i see im not the only one who plants their plants in pots,

No Sarah, Andy can't afford pots, he's gotta use plastic take away containers! LOL.gifLOL.gif

just kidding andy, Top shot of your cool hoplos! bigsmile.gif

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Thanks for the comments, guys bigsmile.gif

They sure are a top little fish to keep.

Yep, my plants are potted, since my substrate is a few mm of sand.

When I put a large anubias in a pot in with my trimac, I forgot to put the rocks I had ready on top of the gravel in the pot dry.gif result - one floating anubias, and a potful of gravel all over the sand, and one pleased looking trimac dry.gifwoot.gif

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