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b/ns breeding


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Unusuall I think. I have 8 common B/n's in in my 7ft African cichlid tank. 6 males and 2 females. Ph 8.7 hardness like 500 ppm. So water is nothing like what they like.

Last night I had a look and one of the males was fanning a batch of eggs. I thought thats strange I can't get the ones in the perfect water to breed but the ones in the hard water did.

Anyway just thought I would share my experience.

Cheers Paul.

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Hi Paul,

I have heard many stories when I was breeding my common BNs. Too many people have different tips and tricks, so I gave up perfecting the water, and carried on normal.

My normal water change for them was once a month, and play around with the temperature. That seemed to do it for me.

I am sure my water quality was no where near perfect.

Experiment, and whatever works for you, do it thumb.gif

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Hehehe - they are called common BN for a reason. they breed like rabbits. There is no stopping them really.

I have a male sitting on a few hundred eggs in my african tank. all they need is a boy and a girl and something that remotely resembles a cave. Once they decide they like it, which is quite easy, off they go.

They are so hardy thay can take almost any type of water. If your water is just utter crap, ammonia and nitrites going on, they may swim upside down, otherwise it's a general breeding frenzy.

It's quite amusing since their other Loricariidae cousins can be a real handful to breed. For me they provide hours of comic relief to my breeding frustrations LOL.gifLOL.gifLOL.gif

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