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Is my tank over overstocked?


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I have a 6x2x2 with excellent filtration, turn the water over about 7 times.

Stocked with:

2 Oscars: 25cm each approx

3 Gibbiceps: 15 - 20cm at moment each

2 common plecs: 20cm

1 gold spotted plec: 20cm

8 clown loaches: 10 - 15 cm

1 blackghost knife: 20cm

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yeh i put in about 20 spirulina discs per night. Plus other granular food, Plus bloodworms (4 squares) and large pellets for the oscars. All is eaten by morning.

my plecos dont fight at all, they all seem to get on well. i dont see them come out much at day, so i wouldnt know how they act at night.

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