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ups and downs in the Fish room


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HEy all had to share.

Well had a pretty ordianary week in the fis room until today

so far this week

all my clown loaches got white spot

I have had 3 E.melanogenies freak out and die cryblow.gif

I have lost one of my big tropheus KAchese

lost 32 foai fry

and 5 duboisi fry

and dont know how many hundred blue acaras... blink.gif

And i broke a $16 plastic tub i was going to use to make a filter with...

But Today

My Tropheus Kiriza have their first mouth full, just as i was making their new filter.

My melanogenies have their first mouthful also.

as does one of my blue dolphins (hopefully it is full of cuckoos! lol)

My other foai babe has a huge gobfull as well

and a KAchese spawned yesterday.

releived one of my leptos yesterday of 3 fry after she has had them for 3 weeks, also her fist time,

and releived a duboisi of 8 fry also 3 weeks old.

and fingers crossed 2 of my X flavipinnis has a mouthfull, kinda hard to tell.

and i managed to cut glass with out smashing it ( to me it IS a big deal lol) Had to so I could fit the two new over tank filters.

so anyone else had a weired week with the fish?

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Swings and round-a-bouts Mick.

I think it was Chuck sying to me the other day that he doesn't have good or bad luck...merely one counter balances the other. I agree.

Andrea smile.gif

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Yep, can be flying like an eagle one week, and feeling like a turkey the next,

Downs - Tropheus Bemba colony of 20 down to 19 atm, with another one probably too far gone, and two possibly on the mend after onset of bloat last weekend and metro treatment. Bloat in tropheus has got to be one of the worst things in this hobby.

O.ventralis 'orange cap' male killed off juv (probably another male)

Ups - C.foai girl spat out 20+ fry during the week. All doing well in fry saver.

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Its deffinatly been an ordinary week / month for me.....I have lost 2 tank loads of demasonii fry sad.gif around 200+ bubs after waterchanges but other fry with them like Ps elongatus "chewere" & Cynotilapia sp lion were fine....no losses dntknw.gif

But on the happier side of things I have now 30+ Opthalmotilapia ventralis "kambwimba" fry and I have got my L168 too spawn...eggs dissapeared after 5 days though I was just happy to get them to spawn though, anyhoo I suppose the good comes with the bad and vice versa.



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My last 8 weeks,

Got my first 2 demasoni fry but lost the mum after 2 weeks dntknw.gif no sign of disease or injury just stopped eating 4 days ago. But the dominant female has a massive mouthful and has held for a over almost 2 weeks. I also lost almost one whole line of electric yellows from Waz with only 3 remaining. Oh and a handful of BN @ 3cm but 100 bubs hatched. Not to mention my new adult maingano colony, 4m 14 females (minus the 10 fry who I separated out) after my first mouthful of maingano 2 days before disease hit.

It is a rollercoster for sure, but it guess that what keeps us going I suppose. Some weeks are harder than others however.



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I must admit it is a strange hobby we all share. We can lose heaps of fish, filters may explose and ruin carpet, tanks can implose and we lost more than just cash and time (sanity) but we all keep doing it. This is in part because we are mildly crazy but also it is so enjoyable

a) we fish breeding and the cycle of life

b) proud that we can provide the right conditions for different types of fish to breed

c) the pride in what we build..

My 2 and 1/2 cents for what's it worth

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Hey Mick,

Everything has been going so darn well here lately, I had a feeling it had to end sooner or later. Blue dolphins spawning like there's no tommorrow, gotta catch those cuckoo's and get em in with these fellas. L attenuatus fry growing well. Olivaceous brichardi finally spawning on a regular basis, small spawns but I'm wrapped.

Then. . . . I came home last night to find a male X spilopterus sitting on the substrate breathing heavily and not looking real flash at all. No visible signs of having been bashed, but he was fine the night before. Tonight he was resting, rather peacefully, upside down against the powerhead intake cryblow.gif Mick, have you had any aggression problems with these when a pair forms? Anyone else?? Also lost one of the six O nasuta 'gold' that I got on the weekend, and one Ectodus cryblow.gifcryblow.gif .

Hope thats the end of the bad for the time being.



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My final set of tanks arrived 4 days ago bigsmile.gif

Busy moving fish between tanks bigsmile.gif

New egg tumblers work!

My L104's are fat as. and I have some girls and boys

My L168's sexed them and I have some girls and boys

My geophagus also spawned


Our Golden Pleco died yesterday. 8 years old. Very sad cryblow.gif

Gotta plumb in another three tanks, but almost done now

Too Busy, moving fish between tanks, not enough time in the day blink.gif


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