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Metal halide


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Would like to install a 70w MH to my 3ft x 2ft high tank.

I do not want to suspend from the ceiling. I plan to build a high hood ontop of the tank.

I've done a search on the forum and it seems that the height varies from 15cm-30cm.

Here is a link to another option posted by TSMill aka Troy. (thanks for the pics buddy! raisehand.gif ) CLICK ME!

What do you guys think is the minimum height from the top of the tank to the bottom of the MH glass piece?

Thanks bigsmile.gif

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My hood is aluminium so I refitted it. It's no hotter than it was before. I also put a small fan in it to keep it dry.

I got glass to replace the plastic underneath it.

The water temperature does not seem to be affected much although it is a 29.5 degree tank. These are only 70W.



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Thanks Rob.

Here are my plans that i drew up. Pls share your thoughts.

user posted imageuser posted image

Basically I have 2 choices.

1) Closed hood with built in fans (will have to rig them up)

- costs more (fans, wood, transformers etc...)

- looks better

- less ventilation

- more reflective light

2) Open hood,

- easy to make

- more ventilation

- less reflective light

- no need for electrical wiring and fans

What do you guys think?



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Guest parallel


Why don't you do something like this,

user posted image

Easy to make and I can probably get the boys in our factory to knock something up quick.



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Parallel - that looks nice. I shall measure dimensions and figure out how to attach the metal halide light stand to the metal tank stand.

But the advantage of having a hood is so that the light doesn't spread out over a wide area and its all concentrated INTO the tank.

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I would try and make the thing to avoid fans as much as possible.

You would be best to try and buy some aluminium reflector or fab one out of thicker plate rather than using foil.

It's very important to keep in mind the light spill from the side. These lights are very bright so any spill should be avoided.

If you can get good reflectors pendant lights are great.

Personally I'd rather have a hood with closed sides and an open top then a fully open pendant.

Hph simply got the light hooked from the roof and built an open 4 sided box that sits on the tank at work. That worked pretty well.

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How about this guys? Combining Parallel's metal pendant stand and a hood to minimise light loss. And when I need to do maintenance on the tank, i can just slide the hood off without having to touch the light. I think this might be the way to go. Any thoughts?

user posted image

user posted image

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It depends on the power of the unit. If they are 70W units maybe it would be OK. But for anything more I would want them a distance away from the wood.

I would never want them bolted to wood. I would make an aluminum frame and bolt the frame to the wood.

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wood should be able to withstand heat

Looks like there's still some debate about the mystery of fire blink.gif

I'd also space them off the timber. There would be a hot spot where they touched the timber and yes it may be able to withstand that level of heat but do you really want to take the chance?

By the way I love your plans. I've been coming back to this thread in the hope that you would add some more wink2.gif

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