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Just a little write up :)


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Well, It's 12:12am and my sister's friends are STILL here making a complete racket, and I can't sleep... So i thought hell I'll do a little write about about what's been happening with my fish as of late.

My current fish are:

4ft (Higher then standard)

15 Cyprichromis leptosoma (Malasa) - Looks to be 3 or 4 males - the rest female (At this stage)

5 Lamprologus speciosus

3ft (Higher then standard)

2 breeding pairs of Lamprologus multifasciatus

5 smaller sized Lamprologus multifasciatus that are nearing breeding size.

About 20-30+ fry of the above ^^

About 5 bristlenose (2 being longfins)


1 lone Eretmodus cyanostictus (Zambia)


I guess i'll start with the 2ft.

Recently I lost my "breeding" (never bred for me) black occie female.... (Seriously... LOST... No body, just disappeared! :S) so I was stuck with my lone male... So i decided to purchase 5 smaller ones and start over...

I was re-doing the 4ft so that I could house the new smaller Black occies and leptos so i decided to put my lone male and 2 gobies in a 2ft (plenty of rock) and all was fine.

Then a few days later the heater went bust and was stuck on... So i came home from school to a 38 degree 2ft tank... sad.gif Quickly took the heater out and did a little water change (Was trying to not temperature shock the fish to much)

Anyway... Turns out the heat fried the black occie males brain... So he became retarded and just would not calculate food as being food... sad.gif He died. I also lost a gobie so now I am stuck with only 1, and no idea what to do with it.

So they really put me down for awhile (I paid $150 for the breeding pair... and $15 per fish for the gobies) I know, maybe to much... But i was willing to pay it.

Anyway, So now I received the black occies and put them in the 4ft. As usually, lots of teared fins (nothing major) for a week, and after that the hierachy was relatively in order, with a few bickers here and there.

I then bought the leptos 2 or 3 weeks after and talked to the person about my occies behaviour. 1 of them did not participate in the fighting and would just sit near the filter out of the way. He suggested that this was more then likely the female, as when they are younger... then don't have the aggressive nature... But when they come into season - watch out!

I have every reason to believe him! He had 2 or 3 pairs of black occies breeding!

So i arrived home and introduced my Leptos into the tank... Instantly they killed some of the occies aggression to each other...

If one of the occies picks on another, it just swims into the cloud of leptos and is instantly lost from view from the other occie... Major bonus! Also with the leptos being so active, it also has encouraged the occies to swim around the tank more, and accept a greater variety of foods.

So now that the occies were settling in nicely, the leptos were happily swimming about... though the males didn't seem to interested in displaying... Until tonight!

Came home from work and sat down a few meters from the tank and watched as always... And the largest male lepto was going berko! Full fin display, starting to show awesome colours and shaking like a paint mixer infront of a female! (Mind you... she was far more interested in eating her flake then acknowledging him, LOL)

But never the less... I'm so happy that the male finally feels happy enough to try encourage the females into breeding! They are so damn agile in the water! Like little underwater darts!

Now with that tank running as smooth as I could ever wish for! We'll move onto the 3ft.

Yes I know i probably shouldn't have my longfins in here - but it was the only tank available I felt they would be okay in, until I can set up a tank for them...

Continuing.... When people say multies are like a parasite... they aint kidding!

Mine weren't breeding... So i ended up just feeding them and water changing and not giving them overly much attention... Then all of a sudden BOOM! I have a batch of around 10 fry! Couldn't believe it... They're so small! But wait there's more... I have another batch of fry that numbers roughly.... 10 - 15 (from the other female) that are now about a week old, or maybe more! I also suspect that both females may be sitting on another batch of eggs... CRAZY!

Anyway... I think that just about does it for me... Can't think of anything else that has happened... lol.

I'm just stoked to have some fish breed for me again (Has been a long time!) and hopefully I'll end up with a pair (or 2) of black occies, and a some baby leptos!

Well time for bed... They've finally left.

Cameron. smile.gif

EDIT: Spelling mistakes.

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If I had a sister who had friends over, I'd definitly join them!

Nah mate... I'm so frigging tired... Just wanted to come home and sleep after work... But they just wouldn't shut up! Drived me up the wall... But oh well... Sleep time soon... Once I can get off this addicting site dry.gif


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Yep, Checked the shells, all the rock work. (I completely emptied the decor out, and sifted through the sand looking for shells.)

No sign of her anywhere. Just gone. But that was a few weeks back now. sad.gif

As for the gobies, I got them off a bloke on aquaholics. Me and stotto got the last ones. wub.gif

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not trying to be unsympathetic mezz but thank god im not the only person with dramas,you seem to have yours sorted - good luck with the babies, all ive got to show at the moment is 6 lombadii fry!!

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It's okay... The past few months nothing seems to be going my way. lol. Hopefully I'm past it now.

One day I want to sell up and get out of the hobby... the next I'm spending more $$$$ on fish! What a hobby indeed. lol.

Just have to keep your chin up I guess, and when you get worn out with it - Focus your mind on other things you find enjoying! Eventually you're interest in fish will spice up again. smile.gif Well that's how I get over those depressing periods. lol.


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