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Geophragus Atifrons "Rio Xingu"


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Awesome looking setup you got going there. Would love to get a few for myself. What are the specs on the tank? Looks like an AquaOne type curved glass but I never knew they came in a 10ft.

Yes its a Jebo curved glass tank, its 3060mm long 870mm high and 720mm wide ...its a really bizzare size. Made of 19mm starfire float glass.

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Hi everyone ,

Thanks for all the nice comments.

To answer a few questions

I got the tank directly off the Jebo importer for about $6000 (including lights and stand)

I run 5 big cannister filters on it (3 x Fluval FX5's and 2x Eheim Pro 3's) all with UV's.

Geo Altirons are about $50-70 when small ...

And no they don't nip each other .... the culprit for the nipping is below ....

user posted image

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What a beautiful specimen and an awesome photo! so clear and nicely shot! love the tank as well! really nice lighting, decor and fish! water looks absolutely crystal clear too! must be those fluvals! haha!

does the tank have braces at the top? If its 19mm glass, i dont think it has one, but i could be wrong. It could be useful not to have centre braces, so you can place large long pieces of driftwood in.

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