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Tanganyikan tank setup


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G'day looking for some feed back on setting up a Tanganyikan tank. Merjo advised me to come here to this place and seek some details from some of the pro's. I normally play around with the lake malawi's but looking to move on with more interesting things. So i was looking at setting up a tropheus tank so if someone could help us on the right path u would be an absolute champion cheers.

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If you'e more specific with your questions you will get some awesome advice around here. There are quite a few of us around here who love these little guys. To start you off though, some info in a nutshell.

Biggest tank you can afford, colony of 20 plus Ts, lots of filtration, lots of water movement, rockpiles with boundary lines (imo), 50% water changes once a week with aged, salted and buffered water and feed a good quality Spirulina Flake or NLS Cichlid Pellets equals happy Tropheus smile.gif. Of course there is so much more involved but this is just a start for ya. Oh yeah, I wouldn't keep them in a tank smaller than a standard 5 footer (270 litres).

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lol true was trying to break the ice on the topic, The tank size i got for these little critters is a 6x2x2 tank. A 750lt canister filter but looking at getting another good filter like a eheim to go with it, a truck load of rocks, for the substrate i've got aragonite (crushed marble), 300 watt heater, one six ft light unit with two 3ft tubes and a five ft unit with a 4ft tube. thats pretty much what i got so far for the tank but will get anything else if needs to be done. So the use of seachem cichlid lake salt for tanganyikans important yes/no or there other ways to maintain signs of life lol. plus thank u for the warm welcome having a ball reading all these topics and articles i can't c me self going to sleep tonight.

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Tropheus are a great choice! U have made the right move to do some research before u plunge into these guys! They are one of the most rewarding fishes and i must say u will have years of enjoyment out of them.

U must decide what size tank u are going to put them in.

What variant do u like the most??

Do u have the time to do preferably weekly water changes??

Do u have a ready source of metronidazole incase things go wrong?

U know someone who keeps a colony or 2 of tropheus and can check out their setup? --> go visit Andrea and pick her brains. Maybe get some fry off of her!

Get a good stock of fish...the healthier, the better your chances of success. Get as much as u can afford since u will inevitably have some casualties.

Make sure u have adequate filtration - a mini reef plus canister plus internal pump for water circulation or 2 external canisters plus a internal pump. However, some have had success with just air driven side drop filters, as long as u can keep the nitrates down with regular water changes.

Feed the right foods and feed sparingly.



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as an idea

i have an 8x2x2

30 tropheus sp.Red Kachese

4 xenotilapia spilopterous

3 opthalmaltipapia ventralis

2 neolamprologous sexfasciatus

4 neolamprologus leleupi

1 neolamprologus buescheri

1 eretmodus cyanosticus

big rock pile in the middle, 4 rather large>30cm high rocks at one end, and just sand at the other, all play nice, get along great,

but dont expect many fry....mine ispretty much just for display

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a truck load of rocks
...have I got a deal for you...100kg for $100.00 woot.gif Come down with Neil when he collects his b/n and I'll show you how I have mine set up thumb.gif

Andrea smile.gif

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