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Crushed Marble Substrate


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I will be setting up a new Malawi display tank in the near future and have decided to use crushed marble for the substrate.

What size do people normally use? I can't decide between "pool dust" or 00... I have used 00 before and found it to be a good size, but the pool dust being a closer match to sand is something that interests me.

Also, do you lose much (or any) of the pool dust size when doing a gravel vac?




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i use both and the really fine stuff tends to get sucked up when you do a gravel clean , but offcourse looks sensational there are two different shades available i have the really white marble dust, i also have the 3mm size which is more practical



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I have over 120kg's of the 000 size in an 8ft tank and find it to be excellent thumbup.gif

Do I lose any

Well a little bit, you just have to be careful when you gravel clean yes.gif With using the marble you don't need to suck the substrate halfway up the vac as you will find most of the fish waste will sit on top wink2.gif

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Limestone will be better than marble.

For a limestone substate call Phil Fairall at Limestone Quarries Australia on (02) 9544-7939 or mobile 0419 -047777.

$2.00 per Kg or $1.50 per kg for 200 kg

Haven't spoken to him in a while, I assume he is still doing it. He can crush limestone to size requested, from like 1-2mm to 10 +mm.


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