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Hydor submersible any good?


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Just wondering if these pumps are any good for a cheap 24/7 for a sump? Was thinking of buying two once I get my new tank, (whenever that will be) sad.gif ).

The 3500lph model is 50 watts while the 2800lph model is 55 watts confused.gif .

Hydor Seltz L45 3500 lph.

If anyone could list what they have and their experiences that would be great. thumb.gif


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Some time ago I decided to replace a Resun pump that had started to get a bit noisy. I couldn’t afford an Oase so I thought an Italian pump would be the next best thing. I bought a Hydor L45. They are a nicely designed, compact pump, but I found it to be noisier than expected. Noisier even than my old Resun. I couldn’t handle it, and luckily the guys at ‘Creative Pumps’ agreed to exchange it. I ended up trying a Project pump which, although bulkier and 70w, is much quieter. So if noise is an issue for you, you might want to think twice about the Hydor, though it’s possible I guess that I just got a bad one.

Creative Pumps link for your info:




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