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jaguar with eggs


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How's the progress on the eggs? Did he manage to fertilise them all?

unfortunately they werent together hes on the other side of that red crate.ive only put her in there for storage(and to keep him occupied) at present ive only just got rid of my last batch of jags and would prefer to let her get a bit bigger as shes a third his size.

That sure is a lot of eggs

i couldnt believe it either.i knew she was full of eggs due to her behaviour but considering her size(10cm tops) i didnt think she had that in her.funny thing is im sure its her first batch as shes ridiculously aggressive.ive found that the majority of my females relax after a few spawns because they know im not interested in thier young but i didnt realise she had laid at first. last night when i went to feed her she met me at the glass.then i realised why LOL.gif he is on the other side of the crate.not the best photo as i had the light on her but you get the gist

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