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Kadango Red Fin Colony


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G'day all,

I've had my KRF colony right from my start in the hobby, must be a sentimental attachment cause I've only ever sold the Fry never an adult. The colony is a few years old and up till the last week I always believed that I had two huge beautiful males and five fully grown females. One of the "females" dry.gif has now started to get some tell tale white tips on the finage and stuff me if the faintest tinge of blue is coming to the face and a deep rusty red to the body. shock.gif

I've never had a fish hold off it's true position in life this long, I can only put it down to the two larger males scaring the crap out of him, and, he has kept his secret very well. Even his finage is extending now as well. His looks were classic female for all this time.

Has anyone else had a male (of any type) fool everyone for a really extended period?



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Sure mate, how often do we think a comon E/yellow is a male / female till the mouth is full. or one of your zebs that are doing fine clap.gif change from what we think is female to male, not got the balls some of them. Well take's time for some if u get me !!!, woot.gif John

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