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Air Pump accessories


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My air pump stopped working just a few minutes ago.

Noticed that one of the accessories broke.

Here is a picture:

user posted image

When I first bought my tank the LFS told me it prevents water from entering the pump.

Wondering if its true?

What is this called?

It has broken and I'm looking to get a new one very soon.

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They are called Check Valves and they prevent water running back into your air pump. Most LFS stock them and they should cost around the dollar mark. There are a number of different designs and the one in the photo I don't recognise. Is air still coming out of your air pump as it may be the diaphragm that is the problem?

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At first i notcied the air was not coming out of the tube, so i thought it mayve been my air pump, but it was stillr running.

I checked the tubing and i foudn water leaking out of the check valve

as i taken it out of the cupboard for a clealer look it broke and water started to come out.

so i detatched it from the airtube for the meantime.

it did still have air pumping, but was very weak

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